Xeriscaping Made Easy with Southwest Plant Selector

It can be difficult choosing plants for landscaping if you live in the state of New Mexico and the surrounding areas. For plants to flourish outdoors, you must select plants that are hardy to the various environments that the southwestern United States has to offer. If you’re not an expert, this can be a daunting task.

Fear not, desperate landscapers! One of the newest landscaping applications to hit the iTunes market, Southwest Plant Selector, will help you with your xeriscaping needs!

This application is user-friendly and requires very little “know-how” to operate it’s features. It has almost 750 different plants within it’s database, and allows you to filter by name (with both the common and scientific name), by plant type, category, region, and sun exposure. Once you’ve completed the criteria, you can review the plants listed and see what is recommended based on your search.

What’s also great about this app is that it provides detail on each plant listed so that you, as a consumer, can make an educated decision on selecting plants for your  needs. It tells you the New Mexico Regional Water requirements and an estimate of how  tall and wide the plant will be fully grown; crucial information that will make you proud of your purchase, not regretting it later when your paying your water bill or battling a “larger-than-expected” shrub that consumed your flower bed.

Southwest Plant Selector also allows you the ability to mark your favorite plants, so that when you’re in your garden or at the nursery you can quickly access information instantly. You do not need internet access to operate SW Plant Selector!


The application is now available for FREE at the iTunes store.


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