March 18 – 22, 2019


Monday, March 18:

  • P & T Tenured Faculty Meeting: 12 noon, SH 235.

Tuesday, March 19:

  • Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Reading Seminar: 10:30 am, SH 235.  James Lewis: Cohen Structure Theorem I. Continued. This is a new seminar with talks accessible to students. Everyone is welcome to join.

Wednesday, March 20:

  • P & T Tenured Faculty Meeting: 12 noon to 1 pm, SH 235

Thursday, March 21:

  • No events at this time.

Friday, March 22:

  • Algebra Seminar: 12:30, SH 235. Lance Miller, University of Arkansas: Singularities of Rees-like Algebras. Abstract: The Eisenbud-Goto conjecture was recently settled in the negative by the introduction of a new construction, the Rees-like algebra by McCullough and Peeva. All counter examples so far have been singular. In this talk, we discuss what singularities arise in this construction and give an explicit decomposition of the singular locus.
  • Thesis, Dissertation, or Professional Doctorate Exam Form: Deadline to turn in the Final Exam Form for the Master Thesis, Doctorate of Philosophy, and the Professional Doctorate (DNP, DED, EDD)
  • Math Biology Seminar: 2 pm, SH 235. Paul Tian: SDE and Application
  • Topology Seminar:  3:30 pm. SH 235. The loss of epsilon.
  • Machine Learning Seminar: 3:30 pm, Science Hall 108.
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