Weekly Reader

January 7 – 11, 2019

Beginning of Semester Notes:

  • If you still have desk copies for courses you will not teach this semester, please return them to Maria so she can redistribute them to those who need them.
  • Please email your seminar and meeting times to Liz to have them scheduled in the seminar rooms.


Monday, January 14:

  • Master’s Written Exams: 9 am to 1 pm.  SH 248, 250, 252

Wednesday, January 16:

  • First day of classes.
  • Math Biology Seminar:  3 pm, SH 235.  Organizational Meeting.

Friday, January 18:

  • Topology Seminar:  3:30 pm. SH 235.  Organizational Meeting and First Problem Seminar.
  • Machine Making Seminar: 3:30 pm, SH 248.  Organizational Meeting.
 NMSU Spring Academic Calendar can be found at: http://academiccalendar.nmsu.edu/