Brief Biosketch

timothy ketelaar

timothy ketelaar

Tim Ketelaar received his PhD. in Personality Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1993 and participated in several postdoctoral training programs including a three-year NIMH Postdoctoral Training Program in Emotion Research (Director: Paul Ekman) and a one year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition in the Max Planck Institute, Munich, Germany (Director: Gerd Gigerenzer).

His research and teaching focuses on the Science of Human Emotion.  Tim Ketelaar has published numerous scholarly papers and book chapters, many of which examine the question of whether emotions are an evolved “design feature” of our minds.   He has been teaching in the honors college since 2003 and is a 2009 recipient of the Donald C. Roush Teaching Award for Excellence.

Tim Ketelaar participated in the 2010-2011 Cohort of the NMSU Advancing Leaders Training (ALP) program and has served in several leadership positions in the NMSU Faculty senate, including serving as Faculty Senate Chair  (2012-2013) and Faculty Senate Vice Chair (2011-2012).  He currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, and as Associate Dean of the William Conroy Honors College where he is the Director of the Office for National Scholarships and International Education (ONSIE).

He is currently working on a book proposal “Mapping the Emotional Mind: A journey through the past century of emotion scholarship from William James to Antonio Damasio.”