Held annually in April, the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival celebrates the power of cinema as a creative platform for filmmakers and viewers to confront urgent social issues. The festival emphasizes artistic vision in telling stories in short film (under 15 min.), including live-action narrative, documentary, and animation. It showcases student and professional filmmakers, domestic and international who create thought-provoking depictions of identity and difference that explore gender and identity, race, sexuality, class, transnationality, migration, refugees and displaced persons, dis/ability, the environment, as well as other important categories.

Located less than 50 miles from the U.S./Mexico border at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival is committed to thinking about margins. The festival defines “feminist border arts” as a practice that constantly reconfigures boundaries and challenges the limits of conventional representation. Borders are intersections. Intersectionality, the concept that social identities are multiple and overlapping, is the vision of the festival. Featured films are perspectives from the edge;  visions from the margins that create new ways of seeing. They revive the promise of cinema, the possibility of film.

The festival is founded and organized by Dr. M. Catherine Jonet and sponsored by Gender & Sexuality Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies Department at NMSU. This is website is something I am building to provide an archive and extension of the work I do online for the festival at NMSU’s Gender & Sexuality Studies.