mcmillan_nancy_052014-med-res1Backpack LIBS!

BS Geology, New Mexico State University, 1979
BA Russian, New Mexico State University, 1979
PhD Geology, Southern Methodist University, 1986

Note to potential graduate students:
I am accepting new graduate students for 2018-2019.  I have three projects in mind.

  • Combining LA-ICP-MS detrital zircon ages with LIBS analyses of the same zircon crystals to refine the DZ sediment source models. By adding compositional information to the U-Pb ages, LIBS data will be able to define compositional groups within each age group and indicate different sources of similar age.
  • Build a LIBS database of detrital heavy minerals with the goal of quickly determining the proportions of the various heavy minerals in a sediment to use as a correlation tool.  Specifically, I am ready to tackle the amphiboles and pyroxenes.  The project would involve characterizing samples with electron microprobe data, acquiring LIBS data, and building/testing the database.
  • Examining zoned minerals in igneous rocks by comparing LIBS spectra of each zone with multivariate analysis.  Imagine–thinking about magmatic processes with the entire periodic table at once!
  • Please contact me if you are interested!

*Associate of the Order of Julian of Norwich.  Click here for more information.

New Mexico State University / Geologic Applications of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy