Meet the Team

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Rajaa Shindi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Accounting and Information System at NMSU. She is currently teaching Information Systems in the College of Business. She is also a faculty advisor for the Association of Information Technology. She is an expert in SharePoint migration, PowerBI and collaboration applications and management technologies. She holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from NMSU where she worked on research and development of a novel system for enhancing attention among children with Attention Disorder. Rajaa is a strong supporter of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and has led several STEM initiatives to encourage high school students to “think computationally” across disciplines and to empower students’ capabilities and encourage them to earn a college degree. She obtained her Master’s and PhD at NMSU and proud to be an Aggie!



Jesus Reyes

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Jesus is a senior and has recently joined AITP. He is double majoring in Accounting and in Information Systems and will be graduating in the summer of 2022.

Vice President

Hasan Alshamari

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Director of Finance Zoey Le

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Zoey is an international student from Vietnam and has been an AITP member since Fall 2019. She is majoring in Information Systems and will be graduating Spring 2021.

Webmaster Manuel Holguin

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Manuel is a senior majoring in Computer Science Cybersecurity and Software Development, he has been a member of AITP since Fall 2020 with an expected graduation in Spring 2023.

Secretary Fidel Gutierrez

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Fidel is a junior and an information system with a minor in management. Is expected to graduate in Spring 2022 


Abd Alrahman Elaksher

Amir Parsheh

Ammar ElWazir

Andrea Santana

Anna Bishop

Armando Munoz

Asma Alashabi

Brandon Arroyo

Chantelle John

Claudia Medrano Padilla

Erick Molina

Gavin Peeler

Greg Hernandez

Gustavo Chavez

Hiba Muhyi

Hunter Pirkle

Jeannina Pratt

Jesus Barba

Jovy Ramirez

Karina Gomez

Kartick Kolachala

Le Tran

Manuel Holguin

Maryam Sharifi

Megan Steeves

Micaelah Cabazal

Michelle Orta

Nhan Le

Shravya Dharba

Thinh Le

Thuy Pham

Wesley Proctor