Grace Smith Vidaurre

SmithVidaurre_BGSO photo

Grace Smith Vidaurre
PhD student, Wright Behavior Lab
B.A. (Biology, Spanish), Haverford College, PA, 2011.

Research Interests: Local adaptation, behavioral flexibility, epigenetic and genetic mechanisms underlying biological invasions, psittacine invaders.

I’m a third year PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology student in the Wright lab, working on an invasion genomics project with parakeet populations. So far, this project has encompassed RAD-sequencing (a genotyping-by-sequencing or reduced-representation method) and genotyping candidate immune genes, namely, the major histocompatibility complex and toll-like receptors. I plan to travel to South America to broaden our sampling of the native range. I’m originally from the East Coast, and grew up between RI and Nicaragua. I really enjoy hands-on projects, anything from baking to building mostly functional furniture.