Katie Young


I am a PhD student in the Hanley lab and my research interests lie broadly in the ecology of disease transmission. More specifically, I am interested in the underlying factors that drive host species jumps and the emergence of new viral transmission cycles. My current research has allowed me to investigate the effect of land cover on diversity of mosquito species in order to better understand the emergence of mosquito-borne viruses into human transmission cycles in Malaysia, Borneo. This experience has allowed me to marry my passion for travel and cultural exchange with my love for ecology. Aside from working in the Bornean jungles, I am interested in virus competition and the displacement of virus lineages. Specifically, I am interested in the mechanisms viruses employ within the mosquito vector to allow for the complete displacement of another virus. These mechanisms can include; replicating to higher viral titers to allow for higher transmission rates or a shift in the extrinsic incubation period allowing for a shorter transmission time.