Nina Joffe

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Nina Joffe
Advisor: Maria Castillo
B.S. (Environmental Science; Biology) 2012-Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ

I am currently a Ph.D student broadly interested in how climate change and other environmental changes affect organisms on a molecular level. More specifically, I am interested in how changes in our environment due to climate change can affect symbiotic relationships between species. My current research examines the physiological effects that ocean acidification has on the Hawaiian bobtail squid’s ability to recognize and maintain its bacterial symbionts.

Besides research, I have heavy interests in sustainability initiatives, science education and outreach, and science policy. I recently spent the 2015 Summer doing a science policy internship at the National Science Foundation in D.C. My research at NSF focused on looking at the representation of women that receive funding from the NSF across various STEM fields and how that compares to their representation within academic faculty positions.



Castillo MG, Salazar KA, Joffe NR. (2015). The immune response of cephalopods from head to foot. Fish & shellfish immunology46(1), 145-160.

Salazar KA, Joffe NR, Dinguirard N, Houde P,  Castillo MG. (2015). Transcriptome Analysis of the White Body of the Squid Euprymna tasmanica with Emphasis on Immune and Hematopoietic Gene Discovery. PloS one10(3).