Conversion of Algae

Energize New Mexico: Bioalgal Energy

Dr. Brewer’s Algae Conversion Group investigates the batch and continuous hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of algae to produce bio crude oil and hydrochar. Bio-crude oil derived from biological organisms. Biocrude oil produced form algal HTL is upgraded to biofuel, an alternative to fossil fuels, using co-solvents, hydrogen-donor solvents, and novel catalysts. Hydrochar is a coproduct of HTL and can be applied to wastewater treatment systems for the removal of heavy metals. Different pretreatments of the algal feedstock are tested to see the impact on the yield and quality of the final products. Microalgae gown on freshwater and wastewater systems are converted using HTL batch processes and are scaled up in the pilot scale continuous flow reactor. The continuous flow reactor is being redesigned and modified to produce bio-oil.

National Science Foundation NM EPSCoR RII5 (#1301346)

Students: Feng Cheng, Zheng Cui, Tianbai Tang, Huilin Wang, Meshack Audu, Kwonit Mallick, Graham Hoffman, Travis LeDoux, Brian Treftz, Nayan Bhakta, Kailey Garland, Cesar Martinez, Jacob Usrey, Scott Woolf

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HTL continuous flow reactor

2 Liter HTL Reactor

HTL continous flow reactor Group II spring 2017