USDA National Needs Fellowship

Sustainable Use of Biomass Resources in a Semi-Arid Landscape: Connecting Chemical Engineering, Soil Science and Extension

USDA NIFA National Needs Fellowship (#2015-38420-23706)

Collaborators: April Ulery and John Idowu (Plant & Environmental Sciences), David Rockstraw (Chemical & Materials Engineering), Ram Acharya (Ag. Economics and Ag Business)

Students: Emily Creegan (PhD student, Plant & Environmental Sciences), Lindsay Keller (MS student, Plant & Environmental Sciences), Ryan Zowada (PhD student, Chemical Engineering), Elijah Wood (MS student, Chemical Engineering)

Biomass has traditionally been humanity’s source of food, fiber, and fuel. The future of sustainable biomass utilization needs engineers that understand agronomists and agriculture, and agronomists that understand engineers and engineering. The philosophy of this graduate training program is that fellows will acquire the in-depth theory and skills needed to be considered fully-trained in their chosen majors while gaining sufficient background and training in the “partnering” discipline so as to conduct research and communicate effectively.