I teach the following courses at NMSU:

  • Introductory Geology (GEOL 111G)
  • Earth, Time, and Life (HON 219G)
  • Volcanology (GEOL 471/571)
  • Field Methods (GEOL 490)
  • Seminar on Subduction Zone Magmatism (GEOL 520)

These and the other other classes taught in the Department of Geological Sciences at IMG_1522NMSU have numerous opportunities for field trips to see the fantastic geology around Las Cruces! In Volcanology, field trips could include: the voluminous ignimbrites of the Organ Mountains caldera; the phreatomagmatic deposits and mantle xenoliths of Kilbourne Hole maar; cinder cones and lava flows in the Potrillo Volcanic Field.

Courses I taught at University of Oregon:

  • Mineralogy (2012, 2013)
  • Volcanology (2012)
  • Subduction Zone Seminar (2012)