Project Contributors

Welcome to the New Mexico State University Art Gallery retablo collection. This website was created to motivate scholars, collectors, and people interested in the subject to study the images within their historical context with references to hagiographies of saints and associated iconographies, stylistic renderings, and social implications. This website allows scholars and researchers to study the extensive NMSU collection.

This website was created by NMSU undergraduate and graduate students of Art 478/578 in the spring semester of 2019 led by Dr. Elizabeth N. C. Zarur, Associate Professor of Art, responsible for the coordination of the project, headings and introductions. This course consisted of four areas of concentration. Research and analysis of objects was completed by Yael Cano-Gonzalez, Jillian Franzen, Paris Bowers, Nicole Duran, Alex Nipper, Courtney Sisk, Nancy Solis, Carolyn Christensen, Anthony Tekala, Karen S. Billings, Alexxis Ortiz, and Dr. Shelley Armitage. Photographic documentation of the collection was done by Alex Nipper. Construction of the website was designed by Alexxis Ortiz, Nancy Solis, and Anthony Tekala. Finally, gallery assistant Courtney Sisk located the proper objects, moved them between the Art Gallery collections to the classroom

Paris Bowers

Karen Billings

Yael Cano-Gonzalez

Courtney Sisk

Alex Nipper

Dr. Shelley Armitage

Alexxis Ortiz

Nancy Solis

Anthony Tekala

Dr. Elizabeth Zarur

Jillian Franzen

Nicole Duran

Carolyn Christensen