Sanctuary of Our Lord Saucito

Iglesia del Señor de Burgos de Saucito

Introduction by Nicole Duran

Description by Dr. Shelley Armitage

The sanctuary of El Señor de Burgos Del Saucito is in San Luis Potosi. The story behind the venerated image began with a carpenter named Cesáreo de la Cruz from the Encinillas- a place just northeast of San Luis Potosí and located on the other side of the Santiago River. He left his house and traveled to Estanzuela in search of wood for his work. He found a blossoming willow that would provide him with abundant resources and made a deal with the owner of the land to purchase the willow. As he began to chop the tree, he discovered certain elements of the tree formed a cross similar to Our Lord of Burgos and commissioned the sculpture to artificer Juan Pablo.

The imaged attracted pilgrims from various regions however, the parish priest Don Tomás Vargas impressed with the popularity it attracted, disapproved of the carving itself. He locked away the image, but finally relented by the insistence of many to release it. He agreed under the condition that the image be recreated with the alteration done by a professional artist. Cruz entrusted the project to the well-known artist José María Aguardado and granted permission to have the image moved from the chapel of our Lady of Health (present Church of the Holy Spirit) located in San Luis Potosí. Nonetheless, Cruz asked permission to start the construction of a new shrine for the devotion and he was entrusted to oversee this new construction. The first pilgrimage took place at the new chapel on November 1826. The completion of the temple extended to the year 1950. The crowned image of El Señor del Saucito with golden halos behind his head stands at 1.67 meters high and 1.56 meters in width (measuring from arm to arm) with the plate INRI placed at the top of the cross. It is decorated with flowers that represent the willow tree the image first derived from.

Ex-Voto Figure 1.

Our Lord of Saucito (Lord of Burgos of Saucito). Nineteenth Century.

El Señor del Saucito (El Señor de Burgos de Saucito).

Oil on tin. 10 x 7”. NMSU Art Gallery Collection #1966.5.36.

Donor: Mr. C. Andrew Sutherland.


In the composition, Christ on the cross is adorned on both sides with garlands of flowers, the apparition appearing above an altar flanked by two candle holders and two vases of flowers. Christ’s head is encircled with a heavenly aura and, just above the cross, there are two orbs representing the sun and the moon. Below this image there is a small band with four black lines as guides for a text which is illegible.

Text: Illegible