Organic Chemistry I – CHEM 313

This page is a work in progress.

Video lectures have been constructed for every topic in Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 313) and their links have been included below.  Topics covered in the class at New Mexico State University are listed below.

Topics in higher Chapters are in Organic Chemistry II – CHEM 314

Chapter I.  Principles of structure and bonding for organic molecules.


Chapter 2.  Alkanes, including nomenclature and combustion, and redox issues in organic chemistry.  Orbital make-up and hybridization for tetrahedral, trigonal planar, and linear geometries.


Chapter 3.  Strain and conformational analysis.


Chapter 4.  Alcohols and alkyl halides, and principles of physical organic chemistry.


Chapter 5.  Alkene synthesis, nomenclature, and stability.


Chapter 6.  Alkene addition reactions.


Chapter 7.  Stereochemistry emphasizing tetrahedral systems.


Chapter 8.  Substitution reactions and competition with elimination reactions.


Chapter 9.  Alkynes and hydrocarbon acidity.


Chapter 10.  Dienes and conjugated molecules, and pericyclic reactions.

Please note that I made the Chapter 10 videos before the workshop where not making excessively long videos was stressed. Both of these violate that principle, however, my making new videos activity is focused on Chapter 11 and 12, which are the oldest videos.  Think of Chapter 10’s 2 videos as really five 15-30 minute videos that divide as follows:

Section 1: Allylic resonance and allylic activation of SN1, SN2, and free radical reactions – First video to 29:24

Section 2: Relative stability, structural issues of diene systems – First video 29:25 – end

Section 3: Electrophilic Addition to conjugated diene systems (1,2 vs 1,4) – Second video to 17:54

Section 4. The Diels-Alder reaction – Second video 17:54 – 36:14

Section 5  Molecular orbital interactions in conjugated molecules followed by some problems – Second video 36:14 – end


Chapter 11.  Aromatic molecules, including the stability of aromatic systems.  Reactions discussed emphasize reactions occuring outside of the aroamtic ring.


Chapter 12.  Aromatic substitution, including electrophilic aromatic substitution and nucleophilic aromatic substitution.