Current Students:

Brandon Byford, MSEE student
Topic: Filtering of attitude date for small satellites

Anthony (Tony) DeRocchis, MSEE student
Topic: Academic analytics

Mark Roberts, MSEE student
Topic: Analysis of solar high energy particles impacting earth

Zena Stevenson, MSEE student
Topic: Prediction of magnetograms from EUV images

Luis Varela, MSEE student
Topic: Streak detection in sky images using deep learning

Ty Vincent, MSEE student
Topic: Solar flare prediction from magnetograms using deep learning

Ellery Wuest, MSEE student
Topic: Solar flare prediction from magnetograms using deep learning

Former Students:

Degree Date Thesis/project title Current location
Amani Al-Ghraibah MSEE,
Dec 2012,
Aug 2015
“Automated Prediction of Flaring Behavior Based on Complexity Measures from Solar Magnetograms,” pdf
“Feature Selection, Flaring Size and Time-to-Flare Prediction Using Support Vector Regression, and Automated Prediction of Flaring Behavior Based on Spatio-Temporal Measures Using Hidden Markov Models” pdf
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan
Steven Bannister MSEE Dec 2012 “New Calibration Technique for All Sky Cameras” pdf Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
Jezreel Bassett MSEE May 2015 “Solar Flare Prediction through Anomaly Detection of H-alpha Wavelength Images, Incorporating Automated Filament Detection and Characterization” pdf Tau Technologies
Jennifer Hu MSEE August 2018 “Automated Image Analysis for Segmenting and Classifying New Mexico Desert Plants” pdfs: thesis, appendices General Dynamics
Binod Kachhepati MSEE Dec 2016 “Application of Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT) in Power Quality Monitoring and Event Classification” pdf
Robert Pham MSEE May 2013 “Detection of Curvilinear Objects Using a Template Based Comparison: Applications to Microscopy and Solar Images” pdf Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Christopher Trujillo MSEE May 2017 “Automated Detection and Tracking of Shock Waves: Applications to SWIFT Imagery” pdfs: thesis, appendix A, B, C, D, E Los Alamos National Laboratory
Meghala Valluri MSEE Aug 2013 “Segmentation of Coronal Holes Using Active Contours Without Edges and Detection of Small Boundary Flashes” pdf Qualcomm