For prospective graduate students

06/21/04: Zuhl Library at dusk. (photo by Darren Phillips)

Our application deadline is Jan. 15 of each year. We admit students only for fall entry into the program (i.e., we do not admit students for spring entry). Our program is full-time; all classes are held face-to-face, on the Las Cruces campus M-F during regular business hours.

I  welcome inquiries and applications from qualified prospective graduate students interested in gender and sexuality or the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Given my preference for teaching, I view my job as a graduate advisor to be a facilitator of student research, rather than as a master training an apprentice. This philosophy means that I am open to helping students develop their own research interests; although I am delighted when a student is interested in collaborating on one of my existing projects, I do not expect or demand my advisees to do so. On the other hand, this philosophy also requires that my advisees be self-motivated and disciplined enough to pursue their research interests somewhat independently.

My best advice for prospective graduate students is to be clear about your goals for your graduate training. Graduate training is NOT like undergraduate education; it is not something to pursue simply because it is “good for you” or will “improve your chances of getting a good job.” Figure out what you want to do with your life first. Find two or three people who are currently working in your dream career and ask them about their education and career training. If your dream career requires graduate-level training in psychology, then begin looking for graduate programs. It is far easier to identify the program and advisor that will be best for you if you know why you are pursuing an M.A. or Ph.D. in psychology. It is also far easier to succeed in graduate school if you know why you are there and what skills you want to acquire.