I love teaching. I earned my Ph.D. in psychology because I wanted to teach college students about human behavior. For the last several years, I have focused on teaching Introduction to Psychology (PSY201G) and a graduate-level course in Psychology of Teaching (PSY550). I also teach Psychology of Women (PSY359) and Sexual Behavior (PSY324) occasionally.

I use a teaching paradigm called Team-Based Learning in my undergraduate courses. Team-based learning requires students to work in permanent teams of 4-5 students. In-class activities help students learn how to do the discipline, however rudimentarily. Final grades are a function of student’s individual performance, their team’s performance, and peer evaluations.

Current and recent syllabi are available below, as is a list of my teaching awards:

Introduction to Psychology Spring 2018 Syllabus

Teaching of Psychology Spring 2018 Syllabus

Sexual Behavior Syllabus Spr ’14


NMSU Outstanding Workshop Award 2015

This award is presented to the person who gave the workshop at the Teaching Academy that participants rated the highest among the 100 such workshops given last year. The workshop was my week-long workshop, “Transform your teaching with team-based learning.”

NMSU Teaching Academy Innovation Award 2007

This award goes to an NMSU educator who has made an innovation in teaching that has positively impacted student learning.

Donald C. Roush Award for Teaching Excellence 2006

Annual Roush awards are based on information from students, department heads, deans and branch campus directors.

NMSU Greek Community Professor of the Year 2003

This award, given to one NMSU professor annually, recognizes excellence in the field of academic instruction.

Patricia Christmore Faculty Teaching Award 2002

This award, given to two NMSU faculty each year, recognizes and rewards superior junior faculty members for excellence in teaching.