Start of a new blog

Let’s talk about smells. I don’t know a lot, but over the course of the next few months, I would like to learn about perfumes and smells and why we like certain odors. I’ll be adding my own thoughts along with whatever I learn from the internet.

4 thoughts on “Start of a new blog”

  1. “Perfume. The ultimate guide to the world’s finest fragrances.” By Nigel Groom, is an interesting book. They discuss the plants and oils, and where they come from. And also how to describe what your smelling.

  2. Also an interesting read, The British Perfumer. By Charles Lillie. His book was published in 1822. However Mr. Lillie wrote the book 82 years earlier, thus 1740. When he sold his business, ailing health and later death, the manuscript went with the sale.
    I didn’t realize that in the 1740’s perfumers did more than just perfume. They also made soaps, hair products, make-up, and something called opiate powder-sticks for the teeth.

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