Perfume Notes

How we perceive a perfume is based on how it is composed. The top, or head, notes are smelled first. They only last a short while, 5-10 minutes. The middle, or heart, notes come through when the top notes begin dissipating. They¬†last much longer, at least 4 hours. The base, or bottom, or dry, notes compliment the heart notes, coming through only once the top notes are gone. They can last for days¬†sometimes. Continue reading “Perfume Notes”

My own perfume

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So, over spring break, I tried making my own perfume. I bought little bottles of essential oils. Sandalwood, lemon, vanilla musk, amber, jasmine, narcissus, rosemary for some reason–it didn’t work out too well, and sweet orange, and ylang-ylang. Probably a few more that I can’t remember. I found a gardenia, but it didn’t smell right. Then I managed to get Everclear 190 proof! Continue reading “My own perfume”