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So, over spring break, I tried making my own perfume. I bought little bottles of essential oils. Sandalwood, lemon, vanilla musk, amber, jasmine, narcissus, rosemary for some reason–it didn’t work out too well, and sweet orange, and ylang-ylang. Probably a few more that I can’t remember. I found a gardenia, but it didn’t smell right. Then I managed to get Everclear 190 proof! It smelled like ethyl alcohol and said on the label that it was not for straight consumption, that it should only be used in mixed drinks. The smell made me a bit worried for the end product, but we’ll see. I started by mixing in base notes like the vanilla musk, amber, and sandalwood. The amber actually smelled surprisingly like tulips or something. Then I added jasmine and narcissus. I made a few different ones. One had sandalwood, lemon, sweet orange, and narcissus, I think. Now they are all at home in a dark cabinet drawer maturing while I am here at school. I’ll update on this project once school ends, and I get to see how they turned out. I brought the vanilla musk and amber with me to school. I’ve been using just the oils on my wrists, and the vanilla is sweet. It makes me smell like cookies. Try it out for yourself. thumbnailIt’s fun. It really makes me want to go out and collect more oils just to try more combinations. I really want to create a great scent just for me that matches what I want in a perfume. So many perfumes today seem to have sharp notes that put me off them for some reason. It smells like the notes are fighting each other instead of blending. What are your favorite smells?

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