Perfume Notes

How we perceive a perfume is based on how it is composed. The top, or head, notes are smelled first. They only last a short while, 5-10 minutes. The middle, or heart, notes come through when the top notes begin dissipating. They last much longer, at least 4 hours. The base, or bottom, or dry, notes compliment the heart notes, coming through only once the top notes are gone. They can last for days sometimes. Continue reading “Perfume Notes”

My own perfume

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So, over spring break, I tried making my own perfume. I bought little bottles of essential oils. Sandalwood, lemon, vanilla musk, amber, jasmine, narcissus, rosemary for some reason–it didn’t work out too well, and sweet orange, and ylang-ylang. Probably a few more that I can’t remember. I found a gardenia, but it didn’t smell right. Then I managed to get Everclear 190 proof! Continue reading “My own perfume”

Name Change

I’ve decided on an official name for this blog. “Character in Fragrance” I also have this idea for a creative aspect for this blog. Instead of just analytical stuff and me sending readers to other sites for information on a topic, well, let me ask you this. Have you ever thought of the smell of a character in a movie, TV show, or book? Now, I don’t mean their actual smell, but more the idea of a smell that represents them? For those that know me, you know that I love vampires. I love reading about them, and coming up with characters or mythos for them. Not Twilight vampires. I’ll say that right now. Vampires don’t sparkle. Continue reading “Name Change”