For Undergraduate Students

I am interested in involving conscientious undergraduate students in my research. The most important qualities for a good researcher are that you take pride in your work. You do not have to be the top student in the class to be a good student researcher. You do have to be reliable, motivated, responsible, and conscientious.

I seek to involve students in all aspects of my research – becoming familiar with a literature, designing a research study, developing stimulus materials, recruiting and testing participants, and scoring and analyzing data. You don’t have to know how to do any of this, yet, to get involved, as I will teach you as we work together.

Working on a research project with a faculty member is a great way to enhance your learning in your major. You get a chance to participate in real research that can be presented at conferences and published in journals. You might even decide that you want to go to graduate school, and this is a great way to start improving some of the skills and gaining some of the knowledge you’ll need in graduate school. You get to know a faculty member better than by just taking a class with them, and you get to know other undergraduate researchers and possibly graduate students who are also working in the lab.

If you do a good job with the work (i.e., if you demonstrate that you are reliable, motivated, responsible, conscientious, etc.), then you can ask the faculty member to write a letter of recommendation for other educational or employment applications in the future, and the faculty member should be happy to do so.

There are several ways undergraduates can get involved in the research in my laboratory. The first step is to contact me and we can talk about whether working with me would be a good fit for you (e.g., I’ll want to know why you’re contacting me, specifically). If we agree that it would be a good fit, then we can talk about whether you would like to enroll in PSY 400 for course credit (1-3 hours), work as a volunteer, or perhaps even apply to join the Discovery Scholars program that is sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences.