For Graduate Students

Prospective Graduate Students

I adopt the apprenticeship model of graduate education. This means that if you joined my laboratory and I supervised your work toward a degree, we would start by collaborating on research projects on topics on which I already have some expertise. As you develop knowledge and skills by working on these projects, you may develop related research interests, which we could then pursue together. The goal would be for you to move towards being an independent researcher by the time you graduate, and for us to publish the work we do together.

Existing Graduate Students

I am happy to collaborate on a variety of research projects on topics in human memory. You would probably bear more of the responsibility of learning the literature and designing the studies (especially if it is a topic with which I am less familiar), but I would assist and advise in any way possible at any stage. The goal would be to publish the work we do together. I am also happy to participate in a more limited way by serving on thesis, comprehensive exam, and dissertation committees (on any topic) or by just having a chat or answering questions.