For nondestructive evaluation, ISNDE has about 2,300 sq.ft. of space, which contains the state of the art measurements, NDE equipment, 3D printing, and robotic systems.

The ISNDE laboratory includes:

Advanced ultrasound, acoustic waves, and vibration measurement systems 

Other NDE/NDT and measurement capabilities

  • Advanced ultrasound Immersion system with phased array and contour following capabilities

  • Thermal imaging
  • Acoustic emission systems
  • Magnetic particle (MP) testing
  • Vision based DIC system including multiple digital cameras
  • 2X Laser Scanners (Mold Impression Laser Tool (MILT)) from NASA Shuttle program.
  • CMM
  • Environmental chamber
  • Software and in-house high performance computer. The ISNDE holds COMSOL and ABAQUS software, installed in in-house high performance computer with 2 CPUs and 20 cores.

3D Printing capabilities

  • MarkForged II 3D printer capable of printing composites with carbon and fiberglass continues fibers.

  • Form 2 SLA for high-resolution polymer based 3D
  • Small over the bench Hobart concrete mixer

Robotic systems

  • Two Universal Robotic Arms (UR5)

  • PR2 Robot