Current ISNDE members

ISNDE Director: Dr. Ehsan Dehghan-Niri

Dr. Steven Hespeler


Ph.D, New Mexico State University, Industrial Engineering, Minor: Applied Statistics, 2020, Dissertation Title: “Online State of Charge Prediction in Next Generation Hybrid Vehicle Batteries Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks and Continuous Model Size Control”

Sina Zamen

Ph.D. candidate, 3rd year

Hamid Nemati

Ph.D. student, 2nd year

Anusuya Vellingiri

Ph.D. student, 1st year

Austin Rowan

MSc. student, 1st year

Fernando Alvidrez

MSc. student, 1st year

ISNDE Alumni

Helem Al-Beer

M.Sc. Graduated in 2018


Filmon Ghebreyesus

M.Sc. Graduated in 2020

Affiliated Researchers / Visiting Scholars

Victoria Hart

Undergraduate student

Rigo Salazar

Undergraduate student