WordPress Resources

This a collection of some useful resources for editors and administrators of WordPress pages

Easy WP Guide A nice WordPress manual covering up to WP 4.8 – 40Mb, 148 pages.
Bootstrap Tutorials Bootstrap Tutorials – DACC and NMSU WordPress themes are based on Bootstrap framework.
WordPress for NMSU Theme NMSU Customized – Applies to DACC too. Covers up to WP 4.5 – 5Mb, 80 pages.
DACC Pictures These are images used for WP Training.
OneDrive folder. Select all and download, a .zip file will be placed in your Downloads folder.
NMSU Theme Bootstrap Features Some examples for enhancing your page with Boostrap. Add buttons, nice tables, tabs, and much more.
Image Release Form For DACC Ask your subjects to sign this form before you take the picture.

Updated:  Feb 18, 2019