My Stuff

from Vanity Fair

→ Style

Watch: Grand Seiko Automatic GMT (SBGM001) (1)

Glasses: Morel Öga 7769o (but these seem to break too easily!)

Favorite Recent Purchase: Robert Barakett Georgia T-shirts

Everyday outfits: (Administrator) Khakis, dress shirt, Rockport dress shoes or (Engineer) Lucky jeans, Lacoste T-shirt (all colors!) (2), and Nike roshe sneakers

Bags: Lacoste Chantaco Matte Computer Bag (3) and Lacoste Vertical Zip bag

→ Health

Skin care: L’oreal Active Daily Moisture SPF

Cologne: Tom Ford Plum Japonais (4)

Workout: Gym three times a week; cycling (January-May) and running (July-November). I try to do a century in May (5) and a marathon in November.

→ Home

Most recent edition: white flowers in the backyard raised beds

Beloved artwork: Roggi’s Tree of Life (someday!)

→ Entertainment

Currently reading: Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction by Eleanor Rieffel and Wolfgang Polak (6)

Bingeing: currently nothing thank goodness…Breaking Bad bingeing about wrecked me!

Movies: Rocketman, Yesterday

Listening to: Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Pavorotti

→ Dining

Morning beverage: coffee made with an aeropress (7)

At-work snack: KIND bar

Favorite indulgence: Green and Black dark chocolate

Postwork drink: A glass of red Rhone (8)

→ Work

High tech: MacBook Pro 13”, iPhone X, iPad Pro

Old School: Dry erase glass board and markers

On the desk: Research papers, To-Do lists, Post-it Notes