Whats on my iPhone?

(Inspired by Wall Street Journal’s “What’s On My iPhone)

Model Apple iPhone X (white)

Homescreen Solid color (black) wallpaper

Case Lupa wallet case (navy)

First app checked in the morning Outlook Calendar+Email

Last app checked before bedtime Flipboard

Most-used app (tie) Facebook and Flipboard

Most surprising app you depend on (Apple) Health

Favorite fitness/workout app (Apple) Activity and Strava

Favorite shopping app eBay

Favorite podcastCoffee Break French

Favorite emoji

Number of contacts in phone 237

Person you FaceTime the most My sons, Phillip and Matthew

Craziest place you’ve left your phone Nowhere too crazy—yet.

Alarm settings None. But I’m almost always up by 5.00am–it’s an old person thing.

Cities listed in weather app and world clock Las Cruces NM, Albuquerque NM, San Antonio TX, Antibes France.

App which you wish someone would invent A really great home automation app for the ISY-994i hub which controls my X10 and Insteon devices (Homekit doesn’t). Mobilinc Pro is the app-equivalent of an old MS-DOS application. Someday I just might do this for fun.

Are there times when you try and stay off your phone entirely? While at meetings. I’m 100% annoyed when people are staring at their phones during meetings. I’m 90% annoyed when their phones are on the conference table.

At what battery percentage do you feel compelled to charge your phone? 10%