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So, I’m currently teaching a class on the changes the internet has undergone in the last 20 years. Its really interesting! I know it sounds relatively dry but when you consider how the use of technology has changed our lives in the last 30 years it really brings things into focus. Without the internet, I’m not really sure what the world would look like today. Without the advent of search and social media ON the internet, I’m sure things would look very different as well. Take a look at the prototype website I’m building on an old panix directory if you’re curious. The homepage is titled Hatch Chile Central as an illustration of the brokenness of today’s search algorithms. I’m excited to see where the class goes and think I can really impart some valuable knowledge on my students. Check it out and see if you can figure out where the class is going!


  1. Captain Jerry Torres, US Army (Ret)

    Amazing stories of the Franzoys. My grandfather Agapito Torres grew chile in Salem many years ago and my best friend in Salem grade school was Steve Franzoy (Golden Pal). Billy Franzoy was a year ahead of us. I always wondered where the Franzoy family came from and never new they were from my favorite country that I visit often. I visit Salzburg Austria often and I went where the movie “The Sound of Music” with Jullie Andrews was made and attended Christmas services at the wedding chapel next to the Schloss in a small town near Aalzburg, Austria called Mondsee. Have not seen Steve or Billy Franzoy since we were in Hatch High School.

  2. Hatch Chile King

    Hi Jerry!

    My great great grandfather was the Franzoy patriarch (Joseph Franzoy) that immigrated from Austria. You may have known my grandmother Judy Franzoy (now a Berridge) in school as well. The Franzoy family originates in the small town of Sporminore which is in Italy (It was part of Austria before the great war). My wife and I are actually taking a trip this summer and one of our stops will be in Sporminore. Steve is still in Hatch and has a chile processing company. Billy I’m not sure of but his son Chris is still in Hatch. Both of them have had quite a few legal troubles over the years. Steve went to prison at one point and some people think Billy should have when he declared bankruptcy. It’s interesting to meet someone who grew up with them. I’m sure they were very different people back then.

    I’ve had the pleasure of touring Salzburg as well and boy is it beautiful! When you were in Salzburg, did you have a chance to tour the area around the eagle’s nest? I thought that piece of history was one of the most interesting things in the area around Salzburg.

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