So, Elaine and I finally pulled the trigger and made my grandparents and offer which they accepted! We’re officially buying their portion of the Hatch Chile store and will be running the business completely on our own. Previously, we owned the frozen business entirely and were 50% partners in the fresh business (though we weren’t 50% profit participants sadly). Now, we’ll continue to buy chile from Berridge Farms which is operated by my uncle. As long as he’s willing to grow us chile, it’ll be business as usual. Great chile grown on our family’s farm, and great service provided by yours truly!

Actually, that’s a bit misleading. I’ll be working full time at KPMG starting January of next year so Elaine will really be the one running the business. I’ll still be a full time participant this season (fall of 2014) but after that, I’ll really just manage the technical aspects of the website. So essentially, Elaine will be the new Preston in a way. Furthermore, my mother in law will be handling most of our customer service via email and the telephone so that Elaine can focus on operations. Overall, it looks to be an exciting change that is going to let us have more control over quality, service, and the number of people that we can reach with our wonderful chile 🙂

If you want to know more about the change, please feel free to email me at