Group Meetings

Date (at 7:50 am) Research
8/27/2018 Alireza, Elijah
9/3/2018 Labor day
9/10/2018 Lupita, Zahra
9/17/2018 Ryan, Muchu
9/24/2018 2018 CINT Meeting
10/1/2018 Sahar, Elijah
10/8/2018 Samuel, Fatemeh
10/15/2018 SoR Meeting
10/20/2018* Undergrads
10/29/2018 Javier, Alireza
11/5/2018 Lupita, Zahra
11/12/2018 Ryan, Muchu
11/19/2018 Sahar, Samuel
11/26/2018 Fatemeh, Javier
12/3/2018 Exam week
12/10/2018 Undergrads
12/17/2018 All grad students


*10/20 is a Saturday, when undergrads will present. If you are an undergrad and cannot present on this day, please let me know now. We will start at 9:30 am on 10/20 and all group members should be present.


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