Students and Post-docs

Current Group Members:

Graduate Students

photo of Julian Umeh

Julian Umeh, M.S. student, Jett Hall room 152, email: jumeh[at]nmsu[dot]edu

Research topics: First-principles force field development, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations using RASPA.

Taoyi Chen

Taoyi Chen, researcher, M.S. in Chemical Engineering May 2018, currently a Ph.D. student, Jett Hall room 154, email: tychen[at]nmsu[dot]edu

Research topics: Improved methods to compute polarizabilities and dispersion coefficients, bond orders for diatomic molecules, large-scale force-field development for metal-organic frameworks.


Graduate StudentsBo Yang

Bo Yang, Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering 2016, currently a post-doc at the University of Minnesota

Nidia Gabaldon Limasnidia_sitting

Nidia Gabaldon Limas (website), Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering 2017, M. S. in Chemical Engineering 2014

Short-term graduate students: Hannah Courtney (1 semester), Natalie Macias (1 semester)

Undergraduate Student Researchers


Jacob Wright, B.S. in Engineering Physics 2017


Xaviar Enriquez, B.S. in Engineering Physics 2016


Benjamin Fiszbein, worked in Manz group summer 2017, B. S. in Materials Sciences 2018 from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Chao Dong

Chao Dong, worked in Manz group 2016 – 2018, currently an assistant professor at Physical Sciences Department, The University of Texas, Permean Basin