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Sophia J. BaileyRishi R. SapkotaAlexandra E. GolliherBarry DunganMarat TalipovF. Omar Holguin, and William A. Maio Lewis-Acid-Mediated Union of Epoxy-Carvone Diastereomers with Anisole Derivatives: Mechanistic Insight and Application to the Synthesis of Non-natural CBD Analogues Organic Letters 2018

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Thai Phat TruongSophia J. BaileyAlexandra E. GolliherErika Y. MonroyUttar K. Shrestha, and William A. Maio Exploiting Carvone To Demonstrate Both Stereocontrol and Regiocontrol: 1,2- vs 1,4-Addition of Grignard Reagents and Organocuprates Journal of Chemical Education 2018

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, and Synthesis and Characterization of N,N′-Bismesityl Phenanthrene-9,10-diimine and Imine–Nitrone ACS Omega 2018

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Genna, D. T.; Maio, W. A. “There and back again: the synthetic travels of Gary H. Posner.” Tetrahedron 2016

Hansen, I. A.; Rodriguez, S. D.; Drake, L. L.; Price, D. P.; Blakey, B. N.; Hammond, J. I.; Tsujimoto, H.; Monroy, E. Y.; Maio, W. A.; Romero, A. “The Odorant Co-receptor from the Bed Bug, Cimex lectulatis L.” PLoS ONE. 2014,

Mehrotra,S.; Duggan, B.; Tello-Aburto, R.; Newar, T.; Gerwick, W.; Murray, T.; Maio, W. “A Detailed Analysis of (–)-Palmyrolide A and Some Synthetic Derivatives as Voltage- Gated Sodium Channel Antagonists.” J. Nat. Prod. 2014, 77, 2553-2560.

deGruyter, J. N.; Maio, W. A. “The Taumycin A Macrocycle: Asymmetric Total Synthesis and Revision of Relative Stereochemistry.” Org. Lett. 2014, 16, 5196-5199.

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Tello-Aburto, R.; Newar, T. D.; Maio, W. A. “Evolution of a Protecting-Group-Free Total Synthesis: Studies en Route to the Neuroactive Marine Macrolide (–)-Palmyrolide A.” J. Org. Chem. 2012, 77, 6271-6289. PMID: 2272117.

Tello-Aburto, R.; Johnson, E.M.; Valdez, C.K.; Maio, W.A. “Asymmetric Total Synthesis and Absolute Stereochemistry of the Neuroactive Marine Macrolide Palmyrolide A.” Org. Lett201214, 2150.

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Featured in Synfacts: Ley, S. V.; Browne, D. L. Synfacts 20128, 708.

 University of Pennsylvania

, and Total Synthesis of the Marine Phosphomacrolide, (−)-Enigmazole A, Exploiting Multicomponent Type I Anion Relay Chemistry (ARC) in Conjunction with a Late-Stage Petasis–Ferrier Union/Rearrangement” J. Org. Chem 201883 (11), 6110–6126.


Smith, A.B., III; Tong, R.; Kim, W-S.; Maio, W.A. “Anion Relay Chemistry: Access to the Type II ARC Reaction Manifold through a Fundamentally Different Reaction Pathway Exploiting 1-Oxa-2-silacyclopentanes and Related Congeners.” Angew. Chem., Int. Ed201150, 8904.


John Hopkins University

Posner, G.H.; Maio, W.A.; Kalinda, A.S. “Electronically Stabilized Versions  of the Antimalarial Acetal Trioxanes Artemether and Artesunate.” Bioorg. Med. Chem200816, 5247.

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Posner, G.H.; Chang, W.; Hess, L.; Woodard, L.; Sinishtaj, S.; Usera, A.; Maio, W.; Rosenthal, A.S.; Kalinda, A.S.; D’Angelo, J.G.; Petersen, K.; Stohler, R.; Chollet, J.; Santo-Thomas, J.; Snyder, C.; Rottman, M.; Wittlin, S.; Brun, R.; Shapiro, T. “Malaria-infected Mice are cured by Oral Administration of New Artemisinin Derivatives.” J. Med. Chem200851, 1035.

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Maio, W.A.; Posner, G.H. Sinishtaj, S. “Cyclopentanone Ring Expansion Leading to Functionalized delta-Lactams: Short Synthesis of Simple Sedum Alkaloids.” Org. Lett. 20079, 2673.

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Posner, G.H.; Hatcher, M.A.; Maio, W.A. “New Silicon-Mediated, Sequential Ring Expansions of n-sized 2-Cycloalkenones into Hydroxyolefinic n+m+p Medium-Sized Lactones: Short Synthesis of   (–)-Phoracantholide J.” Org. Lett20057, 4301.

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Ciaccio, J.A.; Smrtka, M.; Maio, W.A.; Rucando, D. “Synthesis of β-Hydroxy Nitriles and 1,3-Amino Alcohols from Epoxides Using Acetone Cyanohydrin as a LiCN Precursor.” Tetrahedron Lett200445, 7201.


Posner, G.H.; Paik, I.-H.; Borstnik, K.; Chang, W.; Sinishtaj, S.; Usera, A.; Maio, W.A.; D’Angelo, J.G.; Rosenthal, A.S.; Oh, C.-H.; Kalinda, A.S.; Woodard, L.; Hess, L. “Trioxane Dimers Having  Surprisingly High Anticancer and Suprisingly Long-Lasting Antimalarial Activities.” PCT/US2006/044845, Filed 11/17/2006